Change of heart (isometric to 3D)

Since my last blog I feel like the project has gone quite stale, I also think that I haven’t really been making any progress in the development I have the rough asset on the scene done I still haven’t made a character and I still haven’t made any designs for the enemy, and after researching animations from a isometric view I realised that animating the character and enemies was going to be a lot harder then I realised because I am not too familiar with it. So I talked to James who was my lecturer from last year. We’ve been having a lot of conversation about what I should do next and he suggested in one of our conversation that I should move from 2D to 3D instead. Although 3D modelling is one my strengths I was very hesitant of doing it again because some combat experiences of what happened last year. Last year I was the environment artist for misho and the forest, the game was very detailed so that meant that we had to retopologise. Retopology is a low poly cast of a high poly model, its so that the engine doesn’t crash. But the thing is with retopology is that you have to use squares to properly retoplogies and if you use polygons that are too big the texture will stretch, and I retopologised wrong, which means that I had to go back and retopologise all the assets that I made.

But the thing is retopology is something that you use for realistic style games but because my game is going to be in low poly retopology isn’t going to be necessary because its in high definition

Having to change my game from 2D to 3D is big step especially in this stage of the game development, I have a lot of work to catch up to do but one of my strengths is environmental 3D modelling and with it being low poly its not going to take that long to make.

Looking back now I don’t understand why I didn’t make the change sooner, because I have been having a lot of problems with the isometric tools in unity and because I wasn’t too familiar with isometric perspective it slowed down the development process. If I changed it to 3d from the beginning I would have had a lot more time to focus on other things but now I have to stay in Winchester during the easter holidays to catch up. But you know what they say ‘there’s no point crying about spilt milk’ maybe this was the best option, who knows, what matters now is that I need to get the 3D models done as soon as possible

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