Introduction to semester 2

Semester one although successful did not according to plan as you can say, originally I wanted to work with a group and use art skills through that, but we had a few disagreements which then turned into huge disagreements which led to the group disbanding, which meant that I had to now make the game on my own, at first I was completely terrified as making a game is not just hard enough but making a game on your own, it just sounded like such a humongous task to the point I didn’t even know where to start, but on the bright side I am now going to develop a game that I really love and I’m passionate about.

This Is my project proposal, unfortunately, it’s not in great detail due to only having a week to create the proposal after disbanding from my group.


In the project proposal, I wrote key details of the project that I think that is really important.


In the game, there are 5 aspects to the mechanics which will then become a game loop.

  1. Plan your attack during the day

This is where the menu mechanic will be used. There are two maps you use in the game, green map is the area that has the best condition to grow plants.

The surveillance map is the area that have the most activity from the local watch. The goal here is to find the area that as the best condition to grow your seed bombs with the least amount of police activity

  • Observe the location

During the day the player can observe the location where they might garden at night. After choosing the location, observe it during the daytime. From there you’ll have to calculate how many plants you want to grow at night? how many ingredients do you need?

  • Get the ingredients and start creating the seed bombs

These are the seed bombs, the player must work out how many ingredients there going to use in the seconds

  • Plant the seed bombs !!!DON’T GET CAUGHT!!!

This is where they need to throw the seed bombs

Enemy/police avoid, or they caught

The player must plant the seed bomb

After the seeds are put into the soil the player has to maintain the plants soft can show more efficiently. And after the plants start growing

  • Maintain your vegetables and expand your green empire
  • Repeat

Although I have an animation prototype of the game but I don’t have anything on unity, so that means that I don’t know whether the mechanics are even possible in unity. During Phase 4 we had to make prototypes in unity but I wasn’t able to because I changed from a group to myself a week before the hand in was due so I didn’t have a lot of time to make unity prototypes.

Before making the game I want to see if the mechanics in the game are possible to make on unity, so when I come back to the new semester I want to create basic short unity prototypes, just make sure all the mechanics I established in the game are possible, I don’t want to create the assets and then put them in unity only to find out that none of the mechanics work, and if the mechanics don’t work then I would have to change some parts of the gameplay so that it doesn’t affect the development of the game.

So the Plan for the new semester is to create quick prototypes and then create the assets for the game

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