The goal of my plays testing session is to make sure that the lighting is okay, cause the game takes place at night so It’s important for the player to see what’s going on so that they can navigate the level.

Playtesting Adam

During the playtesting with Adam, it took a while for him to understand the controls, he thought that the controls was going to be a standard WASD keys that you would normally see on PC games, so I had to tell him that you have to use the left click on the mouse to move. The moving appeared to be fine.

It took a while for him to find the dirt patches this was because the lighting was too dark during the playtest.

Also, Adam was confused as to what the level was supposed to be.

I explained that there’s supposed to be two cutscenes that explain to the player on what to do.

The first cutscene was to show the player how to move, this is supposed to be happen after the player moves past the first bridge.

Then the second cutscene was to show the player the dirt patches and how to grow them.

Adam said that the movement seems to be fine

But I should work on the lighting, he also that I should perhaps change the controls

Playtesting Mikas

During the second playtest I got Mikas to playtest mine.

At this point I had written instructions for the player

I.e. the controls and instructions

This was the feedback:

level two camera to move – when mikas was moving around the level and he couldn’t see where to find the dirt patches

level two too dark – the level was quite and he found it quite hard to see.

Decrease the amount of houses and trees – During the level it seems that there was too much houses and trees to the point that the players couldn’t see because it was in the way.

Navigation – Because compared to level one level two is quite big, so it was quite hard for mikas to navigate the where to go, this is because of many factors such as lighting.

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