Promotional work

In my original project proposal, I wrote a couple of marketing things I can do to promote the game, one of my goals for the marketing was to educate people about the themes in gueraden which are guerrilla gardening and mutual aid, so I wanted to use promotional marketing work that’s more aligned with educating the audience.

This includes:

Development updates. -Posts on social media talking about what stage in the game. Development. That time in.

Showing process – This could be sharing the unity playtesting, All videos of the assets being created.

Q and A – This could be where the audience can ask the developer directly about what they’re working.

Quizzes – Cause this game is going to. Be tackling issues of climate change and justice., Perhaps the developer can create a quiz to educate people on the topic of climate change and the environment.

So far in the project, I’ve done two of the four marketing work which is development updates and showing process. I started showing the process during the first week of the project and then from then on, I started making Instagram stories of the development since then. Then later on I made development updates for the game as well, e.g. the change from 2D to 3D.

So far I Haven’t done a Q and A or quizzes yet because I’ve been pretty busy trying to get the game done. But it’s definitely something that I would like to do after the deadline because I would have more time to plan the promotional art that I need to do.

My views on Instagram have been increasing and I’m getting more followers, this is probably because I’m posting a lot more often. In the past, I have posted my work before in Instagram, and those posts did get some traction and my following did increase somewhat I didn’t get as much following as I would have liked because I didn’t post that often until recently with gueraden.

But I’ve also been. Promoting the game on Twitter as well. What primary marketing social media I’ve been using has been Instagram. Cause it seems like that’s where most of. The uni. And many of my classmates are active. Box I have been posting on Twitter but they’re more of a repost of the Instagram person I have.

When it comes to people playing my game outside of my class I recently made an itch for the game so that anyone can play and give me feedback.

My future plans after the 26th of May are to do more promotional artwork and do some Q&A and quizzes.

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