Trip to the derek Jarman exhibition

I found out about the Derek Jarman exhibition from my lecturer during the last week of the project proposal because the exhibition was related to my game idea, although I wanted to go in that week I just recently left my group so I had a lot of work to catch up, so during that week I didn’t go to that exhibition. But I did intend to go to the exhibition the week afterwards so I can do my research from there.

Derek Jarman was an English filmmaker, artist, gay rights activist and radical gardener. He’s known for his filmmaking and his staunch support for the LGBT community. Throughout his career, he’s done films and paintings, but the exhibition is about his gardening work and especially his prospect cottage. Prospect Cottage is a house on the coast in Dungeness, kent, it was originally a fisherman’s hut, it was a house that Derek purchased and lived in until he died. Jarman garden is mixed of sculptures which are made out of driftwood.

My lecturer wanted me to go to the exhibition as it was related to gardening.

Plus I was really interested In Jarmans work in activism and I wanted to know how he was able to put his activist work into his art and films. Gueraden also has political undertones due to mutual aid.

These are the series of shots that I took from the exhibition. The exhibition was on two floors. The first floor had pictures of the cottage than on the second floor, had his other works like films.

As you can see in this blog I didn’t write a lot, that’s because I was expecting something a bit more in-depth about his life and his activist works and how it influences his work. On my two day trip. It seemed like there were a couple of pictures of his cottage. The exhibition didn’t really influence my work moving forward, it is a little bit disappointing because I was excited about it but unfortunately It just didn’t do anything for me.

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