Character inspiration

On this page, I talk about the character and the inspiration behind the character

Rogue gardener

Rogue gardener is the main character of the game, the idea. All the rogue gardener is that they see all the suffering the village has to undo due to the corporation coming in the gardener sees all of this and takes action to help their community. This is one of the themes of gueraden which is community action

The art style of gueraden was originally going to be a 2d isometric game. I quite like the game monument valley, love the art style and the colour palettes of the game and I wanted to make something similar to that.

So from that when I write down all the things that the character would have, what came up with was essentially a punk gardener, basically

So from that I mood boards based on the description I have already written down for the character, the description was that the character is a punk, rebellious gardener.

But then afterwards you know I’m having a discussion with my lecturer about it. Whether 2D to 3D would be the best option for gueraden. We came to the decision that. That 3D would be the best medium to show the game essentially, especially since I have a little bit more experience in 3D low poly rather than 2D isometric.

But after having a conversation with my lecturer I then change the art style from 2D isometric to 3D low poly would be the best option for gueraden. I then 3D modelled the character.

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