Character design

When it came to the character designs It was a little bit different compared to what I’ve done with the environment and the art direction because in the project proposal there’s not a section for character design, and that’s because at that point I didn’t really know what I wanted the player to be. I didn’t know whether it was going to be a character or was it going to be a big hand that the player can move around and place the seed bombs. It wasn’t really until I searched on Pinterest that I knew what I wanted.

So I was on Pinterest looking at gardener concept art just to see what was there, I was using keywords like punk, gardener, rebel etc. There was a particular character design that I really liked.

The character looked very rugged because their clothes looked very rugged but they looked quite young and lively. This is the idea that I want for my character. So I wanted down the personality traits and characteristics that I think that the character should have, and from there I sketched character and ideas based on those descriptions.

I wanted the design to make it obvious that they have experience with gardening, wearing rugged clothes or wearing dungarees e.g. But I want the character to look rebellious as well in terms of their attitude to the events in the game.

After making the mood board I went on to sketch potential character designs

I wanted the character to either to have a long coat or dungarees. At this point in the project, I was still working on the isometric game, so I was conscious of the future animations that I had to do because I haven’t done isometric animation, so I didn’t have a lot of confidence in it.

These were the designs that I came up with. I spoke to 10 people in my class and showed them the picture of my designs, I then told them which one they think looks the most rebellious.

After talking to the rest of the class I then went on to create the final character design for the rogue gardener.

With the last blogs, you would have noticed that I’ve been talking about the conversation with James, and in that conversation, we decided to change the art style from a 2D isometric to a 3d Low poly/ So which means that I now had to make the 3D models of the character.

When it came to 3D modelling I’m very good at creating environment assets when it comes to character creation I’m not too confident about that. To help me with this I bought the synty studio asset pack and downloaded the black character assets, I then edited the character to make it more like the rogue gardener that I made on photoshop

Although I’ve done character designs for the rogue gardener, I hadn’t done any Character designs for the police But I was able to 3D model the police

Here they are.

These are the final designs for the rogue gardener and the police.

And here Is what they look like on Unity.

When it came to the animation for the characters, I put them onto Maximo

Here were my attempts of making animations in unity

As you can see I made a mistake by not having the animations in still, so every time that I clicked on land so that the character can move, the character would run but then they’ll go back to the same position that I clicked on.

We also had a problem with the animations where the character would run for a little bit. And then there was a stop. Running but the character was still moving whenever I clicked on anything.

But here are the final animations For the character.

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