Conversation with adam

At this point in the project it will be midway through phase 1 where everyone was still in development, during this lecture we were going to talk to adam either individually or as a group and just give him an update on how the game is going so far, what can be done to improve and the things we can do just to make our lives a little bit easier.

At this point during the project, I have made rough designs for the environment, characters, and logo because I was still at the prototype stage, testing to see if all the mechanics and gameplay that I wanted to make in the project proposal were possible in unity.

During my conversation with Adam I showed him the work I’ve done so far, and the recent conversation with sid, in that conversation I decided to make rough assets in unity so that I beta version of the game up and running. Adam felt that was a good idea to have because although I have prototypes that are working, It doesn’t seem like I have a game on the build. The problem with having prototypes is that it’s not a very good representation of what your game is going to be like because it doesn’t have any art assets. So if you don’t have a rough game on build it makes the visualisation of the game that much harder to see.

Also during the conversation with Adam, he suggested that I should have a timetable of what things I want to achieve that week or day.

I kind of already have a timetable

I have a semester 2 planning, which are the goals that I want to achieve during semester 2


From the conversation with adam, I made a Trello board help me to keep on track with all the work that I’ve done

This Trello is similar to the one I made last year, there are six sections:

Mantra – to give me a bit of inspiration

Colour codes – these are to help which tasks I’ve done and haven’t done

Number order – I number these tasks so that I know which tasks  are the most vital that I need to do now

Tasks for the week – these are the tasks that have to be done this week

Already done – to-do list – these are the tasks that I’ve completed

Not done – to-do list – these are the tasks that I’ve not completed


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