Environment design

In my project proposal, I said that the environment was gonna take place in the town, and the player has to go to different parts of the town and plant the seed bombs without getting caught.

These were the designs that I made for the final presentation in semester 1.

But I felt that making a game on my own is a very huge task because of my lack of confidence in programming, I wasn’t too sure whether I was for the task on hand. So I spoke to Adam about my concerns and you know how to make a game without having a meltdown. And he said that It’s important to descale your game so that it won’t be too overwhelming, so instead of it being a town, the game is going to take place in a village so that it would be more self-contained and personal.

In terms of the aesthetic, I was thinking of a cottage core aesthetic which means that the environment is going to look like an English country village. Cottage core is a romanticised agriculture life. It’s about the idea of living a simple life and harmony with nature.

This is an example of cottagecore

I went onto Pinterest I began getting pictures trying to make two mood boards, one for house designs, and one for the overall environment   

After making the mood board I went on to make rough designs for the houses and a thumbnail, just to see which designs had the most distinct shape. When it came to choosing a house I chose 13, 22 and 3, I’m trying to not overdo the number of designs because I have very limited time to make the game. This is also something that adam said, which is not to overwhelm yourself by making 20 house designs that you’re not going to use, plus you would also be wasting a lot of your time on making house designs when you could also be making the game. That Is why I decided just to choose three house designs because it will be enough for it to be diverse from other environment designs but also cuts me some more time to work on other things.

After making the rough designs on procreate, I then went on to make the final assets on illustrator. In semester one during the final presentation one of my classmates suggested that when it came to making the isometric assets, I should illustrator because the line and tools there is much cleaner. It was a little bit hard at first, but I after tinkering with it I started to get used to it. These are the tutorials that I used to help me design the assets.

When it came to the creation of the assets I was making a lot of progress but when it came to the game, not so much. I’ve been struggling with the programming, e.g. the enemy follows and it’s been taking a lot of my time where I could have been working on other things. So to help with this I had a conversation with James to see what we can do about it, and he suggested that I should change the art style from 2d isometric to 3d low poly because I’ve had some experience with making 3d models where I don’t have any experience with making 2d isometric.

I do intend on making my own assets, but because I only had a month left to make develop the game, just in case I needed to use synty studios just in case. But it doesn’t seem to matter because I was able to make the assets quite quickly

The 3D modelling process didn’t actually take that long. It took me about a day to make. About 80% of the assets. I written down a list of the assets that might appear in the game and here they are.

Here are the assets I made in blender

Here are the assets in unity


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