Guerilla gardening is a single-player game and in the game, the player grows plants in public spaces to feed their community. You have the day to observe and plan and then at night you have to plant your seed bombs and after that, you nurture and maintain the plants so that they will grow. The enemy PC in the game will be the local watch that will arrest you if they catch you growing plants in these public spaces. And if the player is successful, they would be able to grow their plants in other areas in the community so that you can feed the community.

The concept of the game is based on two main real-life political practices which are:

  1. Guerrilla gardening
  2. Mutual aid.

Guerilla gardening Is the act of gardening of raising food, plants, or flowers on public land. One of the main inspirations is the story of ron finely and the green guerrillas.

Ron finely grew vegetables in his southern Los Angeles community because where he lived was a food desert and the prices for vegetable was too expensive.

The green guerrillas were a group in New York City who wanted to beautify their neighbourhood because the allotments in their community were dull and grew weary.

Mutual aid is an organizational theory where you exchange resources and services for mutual benefit.

An example of this was the black panther’s free breakfast program that feed children in improvised communities because they weren’t getting food from school because the prices of lunch were too expensive.

These were the main books that I used for my mutual aid research, which are: Mutual aid building solidarity during this crisis (and the next) by Dean Spade, and mutual aid: a factor of evolution by Peter Kropotkin.

Both of these books talk about mutual aid but have different ways of showing the benefit of mutual aid, in dean spades book he explains that mutual aid is essential in building social movements and building strong communities. Whereas in Kropotkin’s work he shows that mutual aid isn’t just used for social movements but also used in animals as well, and also in the book he points out that we’ve always been a sociable species that collaborate with one another

From the research of mutual aid and guerrilla gardening, I then think of the essential experiences of these topics.#

In the game your exchange resources, in this case, plants to benefit your neighbourhood so that they are fed well.

Also in the game your plant seed bombs on private property lands so they your community can get the food they need.

one of the other topics I used for research for this game is data visualisation which is a visual representation of data. The topic of data visualisation is found in the art style of the game and mechanics of the game for example seed mechanics have different sizes to shapes they have to line to create the seed bomb, this is I’m just based on David McCandless work.