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During the prototype stage of the game making I haven’t made up a name for the game, that’s because I just recently moved away from my group and started working on my own game so I haven’t really had the time to make own logo for my own game, At this point in project it was just called guerrilla gardening game on the project proposal. During the first week of semester 2 we had a lecture about branding from a guest lecture, they spoke to each individually about our game and gave us some ideas and concepts that we can explore and research.

These are some of the notes from the lecture:

When it come to branding it shouldn’t contradict with one another

Moving brands is a creative business that have done may brans like Netflix.

‘A logo is just a name, while a brand and experience….’

‘a logo was a mark of ownership, while a brand is a story’

A business of proposition (what)

A set of values (how)

A purpose (why)

My frame work:

What is your game proposition?

Guerilla gardening game is a single player experience where a rogue gardener feeds their community through guerrilla gardening

How do we play it (mechanic/ distinctive gameplay features)

Through choosing the most fertile land, but with the least amount of surveillance.

During the conversation I talked about guerrilla gardening and how it was used for community action and activism, I was surprise to know that he knew what I was talking about because most of the time when I talk about guerrilla gardening, people tend to look at me like me like madman LMAO. Anywho he showed a really great example of a Detroit garden, which was a community garden that seemed to have bridged people from surrounding neighbourhoods together.

I began started making some brainstorming designs for the logo that are connected with guerrilla gardening, this includes: politics, activism, green politics, garden, green, community, permablitzing etc. It just seemed that nothing was working until I spoke to one of my classmates Patrick.

At this point Patrick had already made a logo and a brand so I wanted to speak to him and see how he did it. He said that he combined the two names that are associated with his game.

The two themes are related to my game is guerrilla gardening and mutual aid

Guerrilla gardening  + mutual aid =



Gardmutal etc.

Nothing seemed to have worked

So I combined guerrilla and gardening




I found the title for my game

I then went and designed a working logo

Although I had made the name for my game, I still hadn’t made the logo that particularly stuck with me. So I made a rough working title for it to be used for the time being, then later down the road I will then create the final design.

I have done logo designs before for previous projects and for those projects I will make some brand marks that are significant to the gameplay. So for gueraden this could include:

  • Torchlight – to represent the police chasing you
  • Plant – to represent what the player’s objective is
  • Seedbomb – to represent what the player will use to grow the plants

When it came to fonting I searched some gardening logo fonts on Pinterest, just to see what others have done.

From that, I went on and designed some wordmark logos but It just didn’t really stick because I think they didn’t show to the audience what the game is going to be.

I think It will be better if the logo and branding were a combination logo, that had both a wordmark and a pictorial mark.

These are the versions of the logo

Another version

Until I found the right one for the game.

For James, I made some illustrations for the game’s cutscenes and because I had these illustrations already done, I thought they would work really well for the poster design

This was the original poster design, where the rogue gardener is looking from a hill and looking down at the village.

I quite liked the design but like the wordmark logo that I made previously before I found the logo that I wanted, is that it dosen’t show what the player is going to do during the game.

I had another illustration where the player is hiding away from the police, I felt that would be a great illustration for the poster because It will show to the audience what to expect.

The final version of the poster.

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