Prototyping mechanics

Just a little recap for the mechanics


In the game there are 5 aspects to the mechanics which will then become a game loop.

  1. Plan your attack during the day

This is where the menu mechanic will be used. There are two maps you use in the game, green map is the area that has the best condition to grow plants.

Surveilance map are the areas that has the most activity from the local watch. The goal here is to find the area that as the best condition to grow your seed bombs with the least amount of police activity

  • Observe the location

During the day the player can observe the location where they might garden at night. After choosing the location, observe it at daytime. From there you’ll have to calculate how much plats you want to grow at night ? how much ingredients do you need?

  • Get the ingredients and start creating the seedbombs

These are the seed bombs; the player must work out how much ingredients there going to use in the seconds

  • Plant the seed bombs !!!DON’T GET CAUGHT!!!

This is where they need to throw the seed bombs

Enemy/police avoid, or they caught

Player must plant the seed bomb

After the seeds are put into the soil the player has to maintain the plants soft can show more efficiently. And after the plants start growing

  • Maintain your vegetables and expand your green empire


Admittedly I am not very good with programming, even if my life depended on it lol, but I came up with a cool idea that could help me find the tutorials necessary. I would write the things that I need in the game Like map mechanics and then I would list the tutorials that are connected with mechanic. In the map mechanics you have to choose a land to where you want to grow the seed bombs, this would involve menu and title screen tutorial so that’s what I did.

In this prototype I got all the different lands in different shades of blue, the idea here was to click on the land the player wants to choose and the colour was supposed to darken to come to signify that you chosen the land then after that you go to the next map and choose again

here’s a recording of the prototype


I also got some the players move and had the camera follow script so the camera can follow the player as they move

this is a recording of the observing prototype


after that I made some plans for the enemy AI the night part of the love of the game the player will have to sneak around the police in order to grow the plants so they won’t get caught so there’s gonna be an element of stealth to the game the idea was that the play the enemy was going to have a patrol route that they follow and then if the player is in close proximity to the enemies lights the enemy will chase them for a couple of seconds and then the game will be over so on YouTube I try to find different tutorials on enemy AI and I found this unit part called star pathfinding which allows the enemy to follow the player.

the next stage was too have the animate have a patrol route but there was a problem with the programming. There seem to be something wrong with the definitions with one of my codes

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