There are three stages to the development of gueraden.

  • Prototype
  • design and
  • creation of level design

Week 0

Trip to Derek Jarman

The week before semester 2 I went to the Southampton art gallery to research the Derek Jarman exhibition, Jarman was an artist, film-maker, political activist and radical gardener. All suggested by my lecturer to go to the exhibition because it the themes from the exhibition were related to my game. The pictures consist mostly of Jarman’s cottage and the, the cottage was a property that was owned by Jarman until his death.

Week 1 – 5

Creating the rough prototypes

Creating the rough mechanics

Sketches of level design

During this duration of the project, I was creating rough prototypes on Unity. Because I wanted to be sure that all the mechanics and gameplay that I wanted to implement in the game as possible in the game. I didn’t want to make all the art assets in the game put their unity, then find out that all the features I wanted to make were not possible. The rough prototypes consisted mostly of cubes and basic shapes to represent the land or the player moving around, and the camera following around the player.

Week 6 – 8

Rough sketches for the environment and houses

Made the 2d assets

After making the rough prototypes in unity I then went on to make the assets for the game. I started off by making a mood board for the gardener I then went on to make sketches of the character’s faces, movement design sheets and the clothing style for the character.

I went onto Pinterest and made a mood board for the environments. After that, I went on to make rough sketches for the houses.

After the rough sketches were made I then created the assets for the environment.

Week 7 – 9

3D model assets

Level design document

During this week I had a conversation with one of the lecturers about my game and from that, we decided that we were going to change from 2D to 3D. So that meant that I had to now create the 3 assets, this process about took 5 days to make all the 3D model assets.

Also during this period, I created a level design document so that I can plan the level. This includes location, theme etc.

Week 10 – 14

Level design and creation

Logo design

Ui assets

Poster design

Cutscene illustration

At this point of the project, I just finished my level design document I made weeks previously the plan for this was to make it based on a level with greyscale and then once I had all the elements implemented with James.

After creating the greyscale level design I then went to make the final level design for levels 1, 2 and 3.

Also this time period I have made the logo for my game

Also, create the UI assets for the vegetables

I also made the illustration cutscenes which one of them became one of my posters

Week 15 – 19

Website creation



During this stage of the project, it was essentially the final touches of the game, which includes making the website, trailer, and documentary for the game.